Another Reason to Vote for Eric Johnson for Gilbert School Board

Recently, I wrote a post on Eric Johnson titled Please Vote for Eric Johnson for Gilbert School Board.  In that article, I highlighted Eric’s personal experience with the exceptional student population.  Many people don’t know that Eric has a unique knowledge of Arizona’s statutes, because of his years as a State Legislative Liaison.  Understanding Arizona statutes is vital, because they significantly affect the Gilbert School District.  As a Gilbert School Board member, Eric’s knowledge will help give direction to Administration. 

Erc also has additional experience:  the education provided by the District to gifted children.

Eric stated recently, "I have become disheartened by the lack of leadership of the current school board and administration to provide adequate education to our gifted children. Specifically ARS 15 779.01 subsection A, states “the board of each school district shall provide gifted education to gifted pupils…” It doesn’t state "may provide”; it states "shall.

"I’m the father of a nine-year-old fourth grader who, when he was in kindergarten, was identified as twice exceptional.  Since then he’s been in an IEP program.  He’s afraid of challenges and must do everything perfectly the first time.  His interests include volcanoes, the weather, and dinosaurs.  We have our own little weather station, weathervane and all, so he can monitor the rain, wind speed, humidity, and temperature.

"My son needs certified gifted instructors…not for just 4th-6th grades, but for K through 12.  We must not water down our current gifted programs with students that are below 97%.  I will work hard to ensure that GPS offers accelerated and enrichment courses as well as self-contained gifted programs.  My son is gifted for the rest of his life, and he needs a complete gifted education.  Not just in the 4th-6th grades."

Eric sees his role as a board member as a strong defender of all the children in Gilbert, not just some of them.