Eric Johnson – My Turn – Arizona Republic 10/13/2012

Eric Johnson, candidate for Gilbert School Board.

After having served on the Gilbert public-school community budget committee and reviewing the numbers, I believe that we should cut areas such as administration, lobbying efforts, marketing, construction, software, and consulting services, and avoid cutting classrooms, art, and music programs essential to our students’ learning.

Therefore, I do not support the override as presented to the public.

Gilbert’s teachers have a far better grasp of how to teach our children than out-of-state bureaucrats with no clue to the moral fabric of our district and community.  It is time to put control of our children’s education back into the hands of teachers and parents and out of the hands of bureaucrats.

I am deeply concerned about the lack of leadership and ethics from both the board and the administration.

They should be providing teachers with what they need to help students succeed in the classroom .  That is the primary role of leadership.  We must return the focus back to the students and teachers.

Teachers are feeling overwhelmed with current administrative pressure and federal mandates, and the school needs to do whatever possible to relieve the burden that teachers are facing.

The “my way or the highway” attitude that the administration has in dealing with issues and concerns that parents, teachers, and other staff have must be done away with.