Vote Out the GPS Governing Board Incumbents!

Did you read the 6/25/2012 article Gilbert, Higley School Districts’ Budgets Expected to Pass?

The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board has turned “bleeding the private sector” into an art form. I stand in awe at their ability to guilt-trip the Gilbert voters into throwing them money over and over and over.

The GPS Board will meet Tuesday night, July 3, at 7 pm, to adopt their $306 million budget. It’s conveniently timed to avoid a big opposition, since Gilbert families will be preparing for the 4th of July holiday. However, I encourage you to attend if you can and speak out against it. Or send an email to the Board:

Gilbert Public Schools receive sales tax dollars doled out by the State of Arizona. They also receive property tax dollars. Take a look at your 2011 Property Tax bill. GPS received $875.91 from me last year. (Charter schools receive none of that, by the way.) GPS also takes advantage of every federal grant and allocation they can get their hands on (more private sector dollars).

For years, the Governing Board and Administration have kept teachers on the “battered wife syndrome” edge, threatening to fire them every 6 months or so. “If you know what’s good for you, get out there and get those voters to approve higher taxes—for the children–or we’ll take away your stipend. “
The only way teachers can protect themselves is to plead with the Gilbert taxpayers to keep forking over the dough, so Administration can "prioritize" the spending.

Our home values have decreased, our incomes have plummeted, our taxes keep increasing, unemployment numbers are being cooked by the Obama Administration, our adult children live in the guest bedroom, and our Republic is circling the drain.

And what does the GPS Governing Board do? Votes to raise property tax rates by 30%, send a property tax override to the ballot, and pass out raises to all of their employees. See GPS Governing Board Meeting: Yes to Higher Taxes, No to Prayer.

Ms. Staci Burk was the only Board member who stood up and said NO. She has two priorities: Teachers and Students. Period.

When will Gilbert voters say, “Enough is Enough!” and Vote the “tax and spend” mentality out of office once and for all?

Our only hope for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and good government is a new Governing Board and a new Administration.

Two people running for School Board who have their senses about them are Julie Smith and Eric Johnson.