Anti-Common Core Moms have an Ally in Frank Riggs as AZ Governor

The title of this article that recently appeared in the conservative newspaper Arizona Daily Independent, says it all.  Frank Riggs is the only candidate for Governor who has been crystal clear about his stand against Common Core (aka Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards).  He’s going to rescind it on Day 1.

No other candidate for Governor has been as firm or bold.   They have, at best, been wishy-washy.  Scott Smith seems to think there’s a difference between Common Core and Arizona’s College and Career Standards.  (There isn’t.)  Do we want a governor we have to bring up to speed on an issue we’ve been researching and talking about for two years?    

Here are some quotes from this article, written by Brad McQueen:

 Frank Riggs doesn’t just talk about school choice, he lives it.  After leaving Congress, Riggs became a founder and CEO of the Charter Schools Development Corporation, which helps charter schools with start-up financing and physical structures, and he is President of Arizona Connections Academy, an on-line charter school. Frank Riggs understands that Common Core is about more than education when he says, “Common Core and the Obamacare Medicaid expansion infringe on Arizona’s constitutional responsibilities for K-12 education and indigent health care.”

At all the forums I’ve attended he is the only candidate that can deftly articulate Common Core’s dangers to our state and country. While other candidates spout the political talking point of being against Common Core then bemoaning that AZ’s governor cannot rid the state of it, Frank Riggs is the only candidate that articulates a plan to end it on day one. He easily supports his plan by citing from the AZ’s Race to the Top (RTTT) application and our Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Common Core/PARCC testing group as well as noting that Jan Brewer easily pulled our state out of the Common Core/PARCC testing group at lightning fast speed when it suited her purposes a couple months back.

Frank Riggs walks his talk on school choice, Common Core, and illegal immigration.  I watched Frank Riggs spend the better part of a day in Oracle, AZ  to protest the lawless transport of illegal youths to the town. He was the only governor candidate that showed up that day and he stayed long after other politicians had their photo op and left. Unlike the other candidates for governor, you get the sense that Frank Riggs doesn’t need to be governor for reasons of ego or as a stepping stone to higher office, rather he reluctantly wants to be governor to restore Arizona’s sovereignty for future generations. Riggs isn’t the establishment candidate and he isn’t the big money candidate. 

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