Scott Smith: “I Signed the Climate Protection (Kyoto) Agreement, But I didn’t Agree with it”

Scott Smith had had enough!  He tweeted Hugh Hewitt to let him on the show.  "You might learn something," stated Smith in his tweet.

So, Hugh cleared the phone lines and invited the former Mesa mayor to call in to discuss his positions.

Hewitt then proceeded to ask him why he supported the US Conference Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (Kyoto Protocol) as the 1,000 signatory.

Initially, Smith is raring to go with his well rehearsed, much stated response to that question, dominating the conversation with his "I signed it, but I didn’t agree with it" spin.  

But something goes wrong just before the 3-minute mark.  Click HERE for the audio as published in Sonoran Alliance. 

They got it right with this assessment:

"…if Mayor Scott Smith was willing to sign off on the Kyoto Protocol without any protest, what kind of leadership could we expect from a Governor Smith when the EPA begins pressuring Arizona"?

This is one of many reasons that Gila Watch and Gilbert Watch refuses to support Scott Smith for Governor.  Smith also believes in anti-traditional family values;  top down nationalization of K-12 education aka “Common Core”; Medicaid Expansion (which will increase abortions in Arizona);  the U.S. Senate’s infamous Comprehensive Immigration plan; manmade global warming; Lightrail  (the perpetual fiscal black hole); doubling taxpayer paid salaries (Mesa); growing the economy through massive debt (Mesa).   He urged Gov. Brewer to NOT sign SB1070.  For more research on Scott Smith, see Scott Smith, in HIs Own Words   

Frank Riggs deserves your vote for Governor!  

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