Arizona RINO Legislators vs Republicans

There are three very good places to go for help in distinguishing RINO Arizona Legislators from the Republicans:  The Arizona Conservative Coalition (formerly PAChyderm Coalition), Americans for Prosperty-Arizona, and Goldwater Institute.  Each of these organizations rate Arizona legislators every year.  

To see how your Legislator rated with the Arizona Conservative Coalition, go here.  

Americans for Prosperity-Arizona has rated both legislators and Governor Brewer here

Goldwater Institute has issued their 2013 Legislative report here

Even though each of these organizations use different criteria, their final rankings are pretty close.

For example, you will consistently see Top Ratings for Senators Judy Burges, Andy Biggs, Gail Griffin; and Representatives Warren Petersen, Carl Seel, Eddie Farnsworth, Steve Montenegro, Darin Mitchell, Steve Smith, John Kavanaugh, Kelly Townsend, Michelle Ugenti, and Adam Kwasman.  

Likewise, you will consistently see Low Ratings for Senators Steve Pierce, Adam Driggs, and John McComish; and Representatives Frank Pratt, Doris Goodale, Kate Brophy-McGee, Heather Carter, Jeff Dial, T. J. Shope, Bob Robson, Doug Coleman, and Governor Jan Brewer.

Sen. Bob Worsley has the special distinction of achieving a "Hero of Big Government" rating of 7.  He is the only legislator with an "R" next to his name whose rating is shared with 8 Democrats.  In fact, the Assistant Minority Leader, Democrat Ruben Gallego, received a score of 7.  

Sen. Michele Reagan received a "Progressive Republican" rating from Arizona Conservative Coalition and "Not Bad" from Americans for Prosperity-AZ.  Not good either.  She voted FOR the Medicaid Expansion before she voted AGAINST it.  (She’s running for Secretary of State.  Please vote NO.) 

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