Arizona Senators and Representatives NOT on Record Opposing Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion

Whether they are sitting on the fence or whispering softly their opposition, the fact is, the following Arizona senators and representatives have NOT gone on record opposing Governor Brewer’s Medicaid expansion.  Please call them.  Please email them.  Please stop this expansion of ObamaCare.


*LD16  Rich Crandall                                            926-3020 

LD28  Adam Driggs – Majority Whip                      926-3016

*LD18  McComish – Majority Leader               926-5898

*LD1 Steve Pierce                                                    602-926-5584

*LD25 Bob Worsley                                               602-926-5760


LD28 Kate Brophy-McGee                             602-926-4486

*LD20 Paul Boyer                                                      602-926-4173

*LD15 Heather Carter                                              602-926-5503

*LD16 Doug Coleman                                          602-926-3160

*LD18 Jeff Dial                                                               602-926-5550

*LD1 Karen Fann                                                          602-926-5874

*LD17 Thomas Forese                                             602-926-5168

*LD17 JD Mesnard                                                602-926-4481

*LD9 Ethan Orr                                                                 602-926-3235

LD8 Frank Pratt                                                                602-926-5761

*LD18 Bob Robson                                                602-926-5549

 *All of these Legislative Districts have passed Resolutions in Opposition to Governor Brewer’s Medicaid expansion.