Arizona Standards Development Committee – Please Apply and Replace Common Core!

The State Board of Education (SBE) will be selecting members for the Arizona Standards Development Committee (ASDC).  Applications are due by May 6! This is the committee that was established based upon the request from Governor Ducey to "review and replace the standards" at the SBE meeting on March 23.  (See I’m For Arizona Standards.) 

Click HERE to open and print the application. 

Click HERE for information about how the committee and various subcommittees will function, including the process and timeline of standards development.  

The Committee shall consist of seventeen members, comprised of the following:

 1.   Four members of the Arizona State Board of Education, including the Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

2.   Two members representing the business community in the state.

3.   Three deans of colleges of education or directors of Board approved teacher preparation programs – with at least one representative of an institution under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Board of Regents, and one representative of an institution under the jurisdiction of an Arizona community college.

4.   Three parents, including one parent of an elementary school student in the state, one parent of a middle school student in the state, and one parent of a high school student in the state.

5.   One elementary classroom teacher.

6.   One secondary classroom teacher.

7.   One administrator of a charter school in the state.

8.   One administrator of a unified school district in the state.

9.   One member of a school district governing board.

Please submit the application, along with a resume that includes employment history, educational background, and civic involvement, to