Student Secretly Films Common Core Test

You will notice that the essay question appears on the SAGE exam.   Arizona paid Utah $2.223 million, which allows Arizona the use of SAGE materials for one year, with the option to renew for an additional 2 years.  See Cashing in: Three States to pay $10M for rights to study Utah’s SAGE Test.

Follow on the left side of the video to see the article that students must read.  It is 25 paragraphs promoting online textbooks and Microsoft’s Tablet in particular.  As you may or may not know the Gates Foundation has “contributed” around $2.3 billion toward promoting Common Core.  Also featured is the Discovery Techbook, which is published by Pearson.  Pearson has been awarded millions of dollars from the federal government in no-bid contracts and owns virtually every textbook company in America. See No Profit Left Behind.   

Your tax dollars paid for this Microsoft and Pearson promotional advertisement.

If this video is removed from Youtube, it will automatically disappear from this blog.  This has happened when other test questions have been published via social media, because anytime actual test questions have been published, they have quickly been removed under the threat of potential lawsuits for “leaking” the test questions.   See Pearson Wins Again: Attachment Unavailable.

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