Gina Ray Interview: The Mommy Lobby and AZMerit Opt Out Movement

Please listen to this 24-minute interview all the way through.  There is only one commercial.  Click HERE

Heather Kays speaks to Gina (pronounced Jenna)  Ray, a mother of four and grassroots activist fighting against Common Core in Arizona.  Ray is a member of the self-proclaimed Mommy Lobby, a group of parents, teachers and residents who want Common Core repealed and replaced in Arizona. 

Ray says she and her group have dedicated many hours to attend and speak at meetings and legislative hearings regarding Common Core. An opt out movement is now growing and the anti-Common Core activists are increasing in number and becoming better organized as a group. 

Kays and Ray discuss the work done so far by the Mommy Lobby and what the group intends to do to fight Common Core in the future. 

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