BrewerCare is a TAX and Violates the Arizona Constitution!


Campaign for Liberty 
Governor Brewer’s office recently made a startling admission about the proposed Medicaid Expansion.

As Governor Brewer pushes full steam ahead for this unprecedented binging on federal dollars, her spokesman admitted that she disregarded her oath of office by pushing BrewerCare through as a budget item.

The Governor’s office admits that the Medicaid Expansion she’s spent the entire year trying to ram through the legislature is actually a tax.

The truth is, this means Governor Brewer is violating the Arizona Constitution by adding a tax increase into the budget. Any legislation that raises taxes (revenues) requires a 2/3-majority vote in both houses.

In its current form, the Medicaid Expansion is illegal and would likely be challenged in court — in the horrifying event that it passes.

Of course, the content of the admission wasn’t a surprise, considering that Senate President Andy Biggs had been saying the same thing about the Medicaid Expansion leading up to its passage in the Arizona Senate.

Neither Jan Brewer, nor House Speaker Andy Tobin challenged the fact that BrewerCare was a tax then, and they’re certainly not doing it now.

With her appetite for raising taxes, big government expansion, and disregard for the Constitution, it’s difficult to tell the difference between Brewer and her predecessor, Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano.

If Governor Brewer really thinks bringing ObamaCare to Arizona is the right thing to do, why does she need to hold the legislature hostage, violate the Constitution, and stick her head in the sand while conservatives are demanding she back down?

BrewerCare is being illegally pushed through the legislature and is likely to be challenged in court, but do you really want to roll the dice and hope a judge strikes it down?

There’s a more immediate solution and it won’t cost anything. Call and email your AZ State Representative and remind them that BrewerCare is admittedly a tax, making it Unconstitutional to vote on as a budget item.

ANY increase in taxes requires a 2/3-majority and Governor Brewer knows that her Medicaid Expansion would be dead on arrival in the House if voted on properly.

Click here to look up your State Representatives and remind them not to break their oath to the Constitution, no matter who is twisting their arm.

Then call the 9 representatives listed below, because they’ve indicated that they may vote for BrewerCare. Those 9 votes could mean the difference between it passing and being voted down:

Governor Brewer’s only shot to pass a Federal takeover of health care in Arizona is to pull the wool over the eyes of Republican legislators, conservatives, and her constituents.

That’s why she’s willing to flout the law, the voters, the legislature, and the State Constitution to get her way.

Keep the pressure on and double down.

In Liberty,

Your Arizona Campaign for Liberty Team

P.S. These 9 reps may be caving to Governor Brewer, so make sure they hear from you. Let them know Arizona cannot afford ObamaCare. And remind them they’re breaking their oath to the Constitution by voting on this tax increase as a budget item.