Why Conservatives Oppose Expansion of ObamaCare

I sincerely pray that you read Arizona Republican Representative Warren Petersen’s article in the Arizona Capitol Times, Why Arizona Conservatives Oppose Expansion of ObamaCare.   The vote in the House on this proposed expansion will be very soon, the week of June 3, 2013.  It is hard to fathom that Governor Brewer and six Arizona Senators are in favor of this leviathan.  See The Six Collaborators aka the Gang of Six

Conservative eyes are on the following Arizona Republicans.  These elected representatives have either clearly stated they will vote YES.  Or they are inexplicably "on the fence."  Every conservative in America knows better!  See How a GOP Governor Walked Arizona into the ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion Trap.  Here they are.  Will they join the Collaborators and help turn Arizona into California?  Ethan Orr (LD9)  eorr@azleg.gov; T J Shope (LD8) tshope@azleg.gov; Frank Pratt (LD8) fpratt@azleg.gov; Kate Brophy McGee (LD28) kbrophymcgee@azleg.gov; Doug Coleman (LD16) dcoleman@azleg.gov; Heather Carter (LD15) hcarter@azleg.gov; Andy Tobin (LD1) atobin@azleg.gov; Karen Fann (LD1) kfann@azleg.gov; Doris Goodale (LD5) dgoodale@azleg.gov; Jeff Dial (LD18) jdial@azleg.gov; Tom Forese (LD17) tforese@azleg.gov; Bob Robson (LD18) brobson@azleg.gov.

These folks may not read your emails, but they do read the Capitol Times.  PLEASE leave a comment at the end of Representative Petersen’s article!  Why Arizona Conservatives Oppose Expansion of ObamaCare.