Building Codes Could Restrict Freedom

Cory Carpenter recently published an Opinion piece in the Arizona Republic titled Building Codes Could Restrict Freedom.  Please read it and comment.   In that article, he explains how the proliferation of construction, building, energy, and all kinds of other "codes" coming from the International Code Council in Washington, DC, have become so onerous, we are losing our basic freedoms.  

Gilbert Watch has published several articles relating to the Gilbert battle against these codes, headed by local draftsman and home designer, Rusdon Ray.

The issue isn’t, "Are the codes sound"?  Most, not all, are technically sound.  Many codes provide wonderful, new techniques for energy efficiency.  That isn’t the point.  The point is, "Why are town and city Councils across America turning them into LAWS?"   Why are they being shoved down the throats of American tradesmen and citizens?  

Town and city management routinely present these code "updates" to town and city Councils, recommending they be made law.  Shouldn’t the "burden of proof" for why a code should be a law be on the shoulders of government employees to prove?   

Haven’t we had enough federal domination and intrusion into our lives?