Businesses are Coming to Arizona Since Passage of SB1070!

Where do you get your news? If you’re getting it from the Arizona Republic, the EV Tribune, or Recall candidate Jerry Lewis, you have been misinformed.

The Leftists have been smearing Arizona’s reputation and its “faltering” economy since the passage of SB1070.

Silence Dogood, Gilbert Watch contributing researcher, has disproved all of that with research that was provided in two Gilbert Watch articles: Russell Pearce and SB1070 Good for Arizona: Part 1 and Russell Pearce and SB1070 Good for Arizona: Part 2

Now these same Leftist groups, including Jerry Lewis, RINO, are attempting to convince Arizonans that “people don’t want to move their businesses here.” (Stated by Jerry Lewis in the October 6 debate.)

Are they confusing Arizona with California? Businesses are evacuating California by the trainload. Arizona is one of the top 6 most desirable states attracting business! Businesses Leaving California

"In 2010, 204 California companies expanded outside the state or moved out completely, according to a newly released report. This number is four times greater than that of the previous year. The major beneficiaries of business exodus from California are Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.”

The unemployment rate in California is 12.1% by the way. Unemployment in California

Arizona is well known to be one of the most business friendly states in America!

Here are just a few of the new businesses or business expansions:

September 2010
International Rectifier Corp expansion
80 new high paying jobs

October 2010
Boeing announces $247 million contract for additional business as state prepares to host conference at Biltmore

October 2010
Fluidic Energy: advanced energy storage chooses Arizona over other southwestern states

October 2010
Brewer announces massive expansion of INTEL: $6-8 billion. Expansion will support 6-8000 construction jobs and 800-1000 permanent jobs.

October 2010
Ventana Medical expansion
500 jobs

October 2010
Sempra Generation photovoltaic solar plant
Would be the largest PV plant in North America when built out

December 2010
UK based clean tech company moving to Phoenix so supply Power-One
150 jobs

January 2011
ACA’s Arizona Innovation Challenge commits
funding for early-stage tech ventures
350 jobs

February 2011
Brewer signs landmark legislation, which was sponsored by Sen. Pearce

February 2011
Paypal hiring 2000 in Chandler

March 2011
First Solar expansion to bring 600 – 1000 new jobs to Mesa

May 2011
Amazon to expand Phoenix fulfillment center

May 2011
Able Energy moving from Phoenix to larger building in Mesa by Gateway airport and adding 250 jobs paying avg. $100k

May 2011
Science and Technology in Arizona
Pg 15 shows job trends for tech sector in Az

September 2011
MD Anderson Cancer Center Opened in Gilbert, AZ,-AZ-jobs.html