Candidate for Governor Frank Riggs Files Petitions – Now, Let’s Elect Him as our Next Arizona Governor!

Candidate for Arizona Governor, Frank Riggs, filed his petition signatures on May 27 at the Secretary of State’s office. Here is a statement from him after he filed from the MCRC Briefs:

Gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs filed more than 10,400 signatures on May 27 to qualify for the primary ballot. In less than four months, the Riggs campaign collected almost double the 5660 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.  Riggs said. “There may be a big field in the Republican primary for governor, but I’m the proven, tested and trusted candidate for Governor.  I offer a clear choice and new direction for Arizona.  I will stop the ‘Obamanization of Arizona’ by repealing Common Core and rolling back the unsustainable expansion of Medicaid." Riggs promised to be a highly visible and accessible governor and to make Arizona a model of effective, conservative government through the principles of fiscal restraint and responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, equal opportunity, secure borders and personal responsibility."I have a lifetime of leadership service and experience, the deepest, most proven record of any candidate for governor, and the demonstrated courage to make the tough but right decisions.  I look forward to taking our message to voters about why I’m the clear choice for conservatives in the Republican primary for Governor,” concluded Riggs.  

Read more about his filing on his campaign website

Frank Riggs also held a press conference on the Capitol Lawn earlier that morning, where he tore up the "Memorandum of Agreement" that was signed by Governor Brewer and former Superintendent Tom Horne, who signed us up for Common Core in our Race-to-the-top Phase I application. Riggs again promised he would issue an Executive Order on his first day to "Repeal Common Core." We need this type of leadership in Arizona! We need a Governor who will stop federal intrusion in our state and restore our states’ rights! All of the other candidates have not made this declaration nor promise about Common Core!

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