Center for Self Governance: Upcoming Classes

The coursework offered by the Center for Self Governance has become so popular across the state that Youth Pricing is now available.  There is a scholarship program for individuals age 18 and under.  

•    Only $15 for youth who attend with a parent or whose parent has already taken the class.

•    Only $20 for youth who attend on their own.

CSG training is recommended for ages 11 and up. Youth pricing applies to all levels of training.

If interested, please contact Mishelle at prior to the class session. Please pay at the door via cash or check.

 CSG also has two half-scholarships for Level 1 available for students age 19-25 ($20 off tuition price of $40). These were offered by an Arizona student who wants to see more young people in the classes. If you are interested, please contact Arizona CSG at

Audits will remain $10 per session.

Self-governance is exercising individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority for the control of instituted government.

Did you know that Self-Governance graduates, working as Teams, have had a 100% success rate working at the local level?   They have had an 85% success rate at the state level, and 20% success rate at the federal level.  Check out this flyer

Please click HERE for a full listing of all classes coming up in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Prescott Valley, Tucson, Heber, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Flagstaff. 

More information is available at the Center for Self-Governance Arizona websiteand the National website You may also email questions to or call Tracy Langston at 480.529.1123.

No other country in the world relies on its individual citizens to exert their Civic Authority the way that America was intended to do.   That’s what Benjamin Franklin said he gave us:  “A Republic….if we can keep it.”   We lose whatever we don’t use.  We, the citizens, have lost our ability to self-govern.  No wonder our elected officials think they “know better” than us.  That’s why Gilbert Watch promotes the Center for Self-Governance It teaches every citizen how to effectively self-govern. 

Our K-12 schools don’t teach this.  Professors in our “leftist seminaries” (universities) don’t teach this.  Why?  Because these institutions promote a powerful Centralized Government/Ruling Class and fear a powerful citizenry!   

If you want an effective, professional, step by step method of taking back your country, this is the way to do it. The Center for Self Governance will teach you how to stop wasting your time and energy on doing the wrong things. These five classes are intensive. You will know far more than many elected officials. You will become a powerful, respected agent for change. You will learn how to exert your Civic Authority.