Record Attendance at the MCRC Lincoln Day Luncheon!

As reported by Frosty Taylor in her March 11, 2014 Maricopa County Republican News Briefs and Updates:

"Heartfelt Thanks From Chairman LaFaro:  I want to express my deepest appreciation to all the volunteers that made the 2014 MCRC Lincoln Day Luncheon the most successful in the history of Maricopa County.  It’s my honor to be associated with so many hardworking and dedicated people. I have asked April Riggins, the Lead Co-Chair of the Event, to get me a list of all the volunteers so we can recognize them in an upcoming issue of the MCRC Briefs. Below are a few of the heart-warming comments I have received so far: 

·       "The most successful MCRC Lincoln Day Luncheon in the history of Maricopa County. 

·       428 attendees and feedback to the effect best Lincoln Day Luncheon Program ever."

·       "Kudos to you!  Greatest luncheon ever.  You were outstanding.  We know you spent a lot of time planning and organizing, and it paid off!"

·       "It was a public relations success for sure and showcasing the Center for Self Governance was the biggest win our party has had since Arizona became a state."

·       "Thank you for a great event. It reflects all the hard work put into it."

·       "It was a terrific turn out and the program was quick keeping everyone engaged. This is a good start of which will be a victorious year for the Republicans."

·       "I have been told by many people that the MCRC Lincoln Day Dinner was the ‘BEST EVER’!  That is high praise indeed.”   – MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro.

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