Common Core: The Rotten Reality

Superintendent of Public Schools John Huppenthal states on the front page of his website:   “I am especially committed to driving our education policies and practices with quality research that have demonstrated proven results. We will not allow our education system to be driven by education fads that do not result in improved outcomes for our students.”

Many Arizona State Legislators have stated:  “I just don’t find the arguments against Common Core all that persuasive.”

The fact is, the bureaucracies that are beating the drum about Common Core’s excellence have literally nothing to substantiate their claims that Common Core will prepare students to be college ready or even workforce ready.   No Evidence.  No Proof.  Nothing.  They insist it was a state-led initiative.  It was not.  In fact, there will be very little local control over the curriculum, even though local taxpayers will fund it.

The truth is that Common Core is mind-numbing, downright surreal, and filled with leftist propaganda.  The federal government will also consider your child a bunch of “data points” to be collected and tracked until he/she enters the workforce.  The Feds, with their “expertise” in central planning and tax dollar confiscation, will be turning over your child’s personal information to the Departments of Education, Homeland Security, and Labor. 

The “arguments” against “Common Core” can be found everywhere.  Gilbert Watch has published a tiny fraction, which follow: 

You can find information on Arizonans Against Common Core.  Take a look at the "Myth versus Fact" portion on this website.  Also note that 13 states have submitted legislation to dump “Common Core.”

Arizona Conservative Educators  has published a document titled “Rotten to the Common Core.”

Michelle Malkin has written much, including Common Core is Obama’s War on Academics.

The Heritage Foundation has written a report about Common Core Standards’ Devastating Impact on Literary Study and Analytical Thinking

Teachers have vented their frustrations with it: One Maddening Day Working with the Common Core.   Common Core isn’t rigorous, it’s insane

Education historian Diane Ravitch wrote Why I Oppose Common Core Standards

Here’s more:  Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum, and David Coleman, Architect of Common Core Standards Replacing Classics with Propaganda.   

Following this post, you will read one of hundreds of emails that have been sent to our legislators.

Following that, you will see a 3-part video series that was recently published on The Blaze, by Glenn Beck, titled “Is the ‘Common Core’ Initiative Dumbing Down America’s Students”?

Following that, you will see a 5-part video series titled “Stop the National Common Core Power Grab: Reclaim Local Control of Education” by Jane Robbins, J.D., Senior Fellow, American Principles Project. 

All of this and much, much more data are available for all to see, and yet, many of our Republican elected officials still say:

“I just don’t find the arguments against Common Core all that persuasive.”