Letter to Arizona Senators Opposing HB 2047 Common Core Assessment


First, thank you for your service to our State. Second, I’d like to share my thoughts on a bill coming before you this session: HB 2047 – Common Core Assessment.

Common Core (CC) was designed with good intentions, but has not been tested or validated.  Further, it unwisely hands to the federal government powerful controls on our school system. The best and only proven solution to improving education is to keep education local and close to parents.  This is not a partisan issue.

I speak for myself, but the A-rated school I work for had 100% of our graduating class go to higher education without Common Core or any other state/federal program.

HB 2047 is another well intended bill to replace AIMS with PARCC.  Unfortunately, education is an industry where people are attracted to the latest lobbyist-driven fad at the detriment to our student’s academic success. 

So how should we assess our students? We have options. The taxpayers have already sunk millions into AIMS. Why toss it aside for something unproven and, well, untested?  There are many options such as the ACT & SAT for HS students and other validated tests like Iowa & Stanford for the lower grades.

Please vote ‘No’ on HB 2047 when it appears before you this session.  Our taxpayers and children deserve better than this questionable assessment.


Jared Taylor

Gilbert, AZ