Congratulate President-Elect Trump and Please Sign this Pro-Life Petition!

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Congratulations on winning the presidency! After eight years of the most pro-abortion presidency in U.S. history, I am thrilled that the highest office of the land will now be used to defend the right to life of all U.S. citizens – including the innocent unborn. As such, I encourage you to follow through on the pro-life promises that you made during the campaign without delay. I also want you to know that you will have my support for any and all pro-life initiatives that you take as president, particularly when the going gets tough and you face opposition. 

In particular, I encourage you to sign the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, to defund Planned Parenthood, and – if and when the opportunity arises – to nominate staunchly pro-life Supreme Court justices.

I would also strongly encourage you to follow through on your pro-life convictions by: re-enacting the Mexico City Policy, thereby banning U.S. funding from paying for or supporting abortions overseas; repealing the oppressive HHS mandate; attending in person the annual March for Life in Washington D.C.; banning government funding of destructive research on human embryos; ensuring that judicial appointments at all levels of the court system are pro-life; and re-evaluating your personal support for abortion in the cases of rape and incest.

In addition, I will stand with you as you to take steps to defend religious freedom, which has been under continuous assault these past 8 years, by repealing the Johnson Amendment, and protecting the conscience rights of civil servants, teachers, businesses, and all others.

Finally, I pledge to pray for you, that you may be given the strength, conviction, and courage to fight for the right to life of the unborn and for religious freedom despite the strenuous opposition that you are likely to face in the coming months and years.

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