Conservative Woman “tunes up” John McCain: Town Hall Meeting

A recent Breitbart article Arizona Republicans Seek Distance from "out of step" John McCain quoted Frosty Taylor’s Maricopa County Republican Briefs.  

"There is lots of chatter regarding the short notice the public had on Sen John McCain’s sudden, overnight called Town Halls in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott this past week.  Even with the short notice, people who became aware and did attend were plenty vocal.  Briefs has confirmed reports that McCain’s office didn’t bother to notify AZGOP Robert Graham, nor Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman AJ LaFaro. Now if that isn’t a slap in the face of two top Arizona GOP elected officials.  Surprise, surprise – few county, legislative district chairman and precinct committee weren’t aware in time to go either… You know those folks who are expected to whip up the troops to walk the streets and get out the vote to get him elected to his esteemed office. Such arrogance is wearing very thin with Grassroots party works."

The Breitbart article went on to describe how "constituents have blistered McCain at town hall events across Arizona over the past few weeks. At one event last Friday, a black woman rose up and said:  

"Senator McCain, given the fact that wars cost billions of dollars and kill people, and the fact that there is a two-digit unemployment rate in America’s inner cities among black-skinned people like President Obama, an increasing use of food stamps strongly encouraged by the president, government-run schools that are more concerned with promoting anti-Christian beliefs and values, and the brainwashing of our precious children to have slave-like mentality, the aborting of millions of helpless babies by Planned Parenthood, why don’t you and the Gang of Eight apply the same war-like vengeance and effort to dismantle the Department of Education, remove government regulations that inhibit economical progress, stop giving illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote for a dictator in America and stop the crimes perpetrated by often skill-less invaders and let my people and all American citizens thrive?"

"As she started her question, McCain joked that he was not ‘easily intimidated’ by anyone. When she finished, McCain only replied that she made ‘many valid points’ and that if he were elected president in 2008 instead of Obama, things would be better. ‘In fact, some of those would have happened if you have voted for me for president of the United States,’ McCain said with a laugh."

Here she is.  She’s magnificent.