Petition Drive Short by 5,056 Signers

All of us who worked long hours all day yesterday, all the way to 1700 W. Washington, and over the last several weeks, at event after event, in our neighborhoods, on street corners, in front of libraries, in every public place possible, in the parking lots of small businesses, etc, etc, etc. were more than disappointed that Power and Money trumped individual liberties……this time.   Even though we failed to obtain the needed signatures, we have gained more in experience, new friendships, and camaraderie than we could have imagined when we started.  We met thousands of extremely concerned Conservative Republicans throughout Arizona.  URAPC and the volunteers never quit and never will.   More on that later.  

This was an historic, incredible petition drive launched by URAPC.ORG, and no doubt mistakes were made.  Quitting was never an option.  

I lay the blame for this shortfall at the feet of the Arizona Republican Party.   This is a Party that refused to help us and refused to stand up for its own Principles and Platform.  Rather, it stands for "R’s," no matter how much those "R’s" violate our Party’s principles.  It stands with the "McCain/Brewer/Flake Power and Money Grubbers."   How do you sell that "platform" to new voters?  

The top 2 angry, disgusted comments cited by those who signed the petition?  1) Can we impeach Obama?  2) Can we repeal John McCain?  

Here is the statement issued by URAPC.  

The URAPC Petition Effort Fail By 5,056 Signers: The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) collected 81,349 signatures to put the Referendum on the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion on the ballot falling thousands short of the 86,405 necessary to make it on the ballot, according to Chairman Christine Bauserman

“Governor Brewer’s Team can declare a victory against the Republican Precinct Committeemen and the Principled Conservatives across the entire state of Arizona that stand on the Republican Party Plank: Repeal Obamacare. An unprecedented $364,000 was spent to cause confusion amongst voters and to hire professional blockers to intimidate petition signers and ensure a victory for big government.

“URAPC lost this battle but will regroup and continue to fight against the surrender of Arizona to Obamacare. The grassroots army has fought fiercely and relentlessly across the entire state. They said we would not last three weeks yet we have grown stronger. We worked through record breaking 115 degree desert heat. They predicted a total of 20,000 signatures that number was more than quadrupled. We will now stand-up brush off and continue to hold the executive and legislative branches accountable to their powers as defined by our state constitution.

“URAPC lost this battle but we will regroup and we will continue to fight against the surrender of Arizona to Obamacare. The final breakdown by county will be available on the website,” Bauserman said.