Diane Douglas Discusses her Plans as Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Douglas says it’s very important to get education right because it’s one of the most important things we do as a society.

"I see the direction we’re going in Arizona…is wrong for our children," Douglas says.

Language, history, heritage and math are among the more important parts of education needs for the future, not just Common Core, Douglas says. She believes that focusing on Common Core won’t necessarily give children the success they need for the future.

Douglas has an accounting background, but has spent several years on various school boards and organizations because of her passion for education.

"I want to make sure we bring the parents back into education…It’s the parents job to make sure your children are well educated…We need to get them back involved and get the classroom teachers back involved."

Please vote for Republican Diane Douglas for Arizona’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction.  

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