Diane Douglas for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Quite simply, Diane Douglas is the far better candidate over John Huppenthal.  Diane will fight against Common Core (cosmetically renamed Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards by Governor Brewer and John Huppenthal).  

Diane will fight for local control, not federal control of the education of our children K-12.  

Diane will fight for the best possible education for our children and work to ensure that our kids learn to be productive citizens capable of self-governance.  She will fight for parents and their rights to control their children’s education.  She will fight against data mining and the many other ways that government intrudes upon the private lives of students and their families

As stated by Brad McQueen, a Tucson teacher:

The federal takeover of your kids’ classroom and their minds through the Common Core, ushered through the gates of our state by Governor Brewer and Superintendent of Public Instruction Huppenthal, is entering its final stages. But parents have the chance to reclaim sovereignty over their kids’ education and minds by voting for Huppenthal’s GOP challenger, Common Core slayer Diane Douglas, this coming Tuesday, August 26th. – See more at: 

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