DOJ Doesn’t Care About U.S. Citizens, just the Criminals

Introducing Gilbert Watch’s Conservative Letters to the Editor: An Ongoing Series.

I have been encouraging as many conservatives as possible to send Letters to the Editor (LTE’s) to both the Arizona Republic and the Tribune.

Both of these newspapers lean Left in their news articles and LTE’s. They don’t report the news anymore. They prefer to shape public opinion.

The only way we are going to win our battle against a government-run, global society is by getting as many people as possible to get the Conservative message to the MAINSTREAM citizenry. We have our own conservative echo chamber going on through our emails, FB pages, etc. There are conservatives in the wilderness who hear and see nothing but leftist drivel, and we are their only hope. WE are. We must stiffen their spines.

The news media is against us, but they have to print some of what we write.

First in the series is an LTE that I wrote and that the Tribune published on 2/10/2012 in their online Letters to the Editor. (Not print where it will be read by more people….my letter doesn’t fit their narrative. Oh well.)

It’s titled “DOJ Doesn’t Care About U.S. Citizens, just the Criminals.” If you read the comments, you will see that I was challenged to prove my statements. Later in the comments section, you will see that I provided a reference for every assertion.

Here’s the link:

My challenge to each of you is to write your own LTE. No more than 200-300 words. Put the entire letter in the body of an email. (The editors will NOT open an attachment.) Include your name, address, and phone number.

Don’t send the letter to both newspapers at the same time. (They don’t like that.)

Arizona Republic email address:
Tribune email address:

Blind Copy me (, and I will monitor its progress.