Supreme Court Hearing: Arizona TEA Party Leaders and Lawmakers Stand Up for SB1070

Kelly Townsend, candidate for State House, speaks in favor of SB1070 on the first day of its hearing before the United States Supreme Court. She is joined by Matt Salmon, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and several Arizona legislators.

SB1070 mirrors federal law relating to ILLEGAL immigration. The question is, Does Arizona have the right to enforce federal law? SB1070 has nothing to do with racism, but that will be ignored by the race baiters of the Left. They will keep lying about Arizona’s "platform of hate," and call SB1070 "radical, extreme, and racist." They will continue lying that SB1070 has been devastating to Arizona’s economy. The Truth is that Arizona’s economy is thriving in spite of Leftists and left-leaning Republicans who did all possible to boycott it.

The Truth is, SB1070 has been devastating: To those who are in Arizona ILLEGALLY.