Don’t be Fooled by John Sentz

There’s an old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

When John Sentz first ran for Gilbert Town Council back in 2009, he fooled the Gilbert Small Business Alliance (GSBA). He convinced them that he was pro business. They believed him and endorsed him for Gilbert Town Council. And then, two weeks before the election, he declared his support for tax increases.

Once elected, he immediately glommed on to the powerful RINO Council majority (Councilmembers Abbott, Crozier, Presmyk, and Urie) and turned his back on the Gilbert Small Business Alliance.

Over the last 3 plus years, he has disappointed them, one back-stabbing vote at a time.

This year, 600 members strong, with a new name and serving the entire East Valley, the Small Business Alliance endorsed the true conservative: Jared Taylor. SBA Local Committee Announces Endorsements for Gilbert Town Council

John Sentz has a record of favoring higher taxes and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). This is the union that boycotted Arizona because of SB1070.

Sentz states on his website that he “implemented the Gilbert Citizens Budget Committee to reflect priorities of Gilbert Citizens.”

The truth is, he rejected significant cost savings ideas presented by the Citizens Budget Committee (CBC). One of those ideas was for the Council election to coincide with Fall Even year elections at a significant savings. He voted against it.

So arrogant in his power, Sentz publicly insulted 3 citizens in a Council meeting (8/10/2010) who spoke in favor of Fall Even year elections, stating he did not want to hear any “regurgitation.” Two of those citizens were Eddie Cook and Victor Petersen. They are now Councilmembers.

He also sided with the RINO Council majority, repeatedly voting for adding a Use Tax and raising sales tax rates. When Councilmember Sentz voted to send Prop 406 to the ballot, he did so knowing it would cost Gilbert taxpayers $250,000 in printing, distribution, etc.

Another CBC recommendation was to reduce the budget for tuition reimbursements and professional membership benefits for Town employees. When asked what the money was used for and how the Town benefited, the Town staff couldn’t quantify or qualify the return on this expensive investment.

Incredibly, the majority of the Council, including John Sentz, ignored the Citizen’s Budget Committee recommendation to reduce this nice-to-have spending. Rather, they justified that it wasn’t large enough to make a difference, although it would have saved over $600,000.

Shame on You, John Sentz!

Jared Taylor has a stellar record of conservative performance in business, saving millions of dollars through implementing organizational efficiencies, and an equally stellar record in his volunteer efforts on the Steering Committee of the Citizens Budget Committee. Jared Taylor has argued against tax increases and unnecessary spending. He advocated for the cost savings that Fall Even Year elections would bring. And he has spoken out against the unions.

He has written about these issues, also:

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Jared Taylor is “the real deal.” Take a look at his record of accomplishments. Please VOTE for Jared Taylor for Gilbert Town Council.