Steve Urie: Quotes & Votes II

On 11/13/2007, former Gilbert Councilmember Steve Urie voted to bring in SEIU (Service Employees International Union). Recently, this Union called for a boycott of Arizona, due to the passage of SB 1070. No one in the local Gilbert SEIU denounced the boycott, even when asked to do so by Jared Taylor.

Steve Urie exhibits disdain for Gilbert taxpayers and has always fought hard for government employees and their unions. He has repeatedly stated, “No one does so much with so little and perform such miracles as the Gilbert Town employees.” (4/6/2010 Gilbert Town Council Meeting.)

Do you want him fighting for government employees and their unions at the state level?

Going back 10 years, the Gilbert Town employees have never had a pay reduction. However, Steve Urie voted to increase 3 taxes on Gilbert citizens (June 30, 2009)

A Vote for Steve Urie is a vote for more taxes and bigger government.