Don’t Let Gilbert Get Fleeced Like Glendale

Gilbert Beware!  Don’t ever allow this to happen here.  If our local elected officials aren’t watched and aren’t held accountable, they stop protecting the public purse.  It becomes easier and easier for them to spend enormous amounts of other people’s money.  

A Letter from Starlee Rhoades
Vice President-Communications
Goldwater Institute

Dear Friends,

As you probably know, the City of Glendale is working on a deal that would sell the Coyotes to Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer. As part of this deal, the city will pay Hulsizer $100 million to help him buy the team. We would love to see the Coyotes stay in Arizona, but not at taxpayer cost. Setting aside the fact that this deal may violate the Arizona Constitution’s “Gift Clause,” it simply isn’t the job of taxpayers to pay for private businesses. If Mr. Hulsizer wants to buy the Coyotes, he should buy the team with his own money.

Taxpayers need to be heard on this issue. We would really appreciate it if you would consider posting or circulating this information to your Tea Party members. It’s not necessary that they live in Glendale; any and all feedback to the city will be good for them to hear. If you could please also circulate this to other Tea Party leaders, we would appreciate it.

If your members would like to share their opinions with the City Council and Mayor that tax dollars should not be used to buy a wealthy man a sports team, they can send emails to:;;;;;;

You can also make phone calls to their offices:

Mayor Elaine Scruggs
(623) 930-2260
Council members:
Yvonne Knaack
(623) 930-2250
Manny Martinez
Home office: (623) 561-8263
Assistant (623) 930-2016
Phil Lieberman
Home office (623) 934-1648
Assistant (623) 930-2878
Steve Frate
Home office (602) 439-8151
Assistant (623) 930-2016
Joyce Clark
home office (623) 772-9795
Assistant (623) 930-2250
Norma Alvarez
Assistant (623) 930-2878
Thank you for all you do to keep the government limited!
Starlee Rhoades
Goldwater Institute