Gilbert Town Council Race: Round One!

I have good news and bad news.  Which do you want to hear first?  Ok.  The bad news is, this election is far from over.  The good news is, Eddie Cook, Victor Petersen, and Jordan Ray made it through today’s Primary in the top 5 and will very likely be heading for the General Election May 17!

The final results aren’t in yet, because all of those early ballots that were brought to the polls on election day must still be counted.  Provisional ballots must also be counted.  We may not know until as late as Friday the final result. Here are the total votes for early ballots that were counted as of Friday, March 4, plus ballots that were cast today:

Eddie Cook                6989
Linda Abbott               6461
Jordan Ray                 5936
Ben Cooper               5869
Victor Petersen         5693
Les Presmyk             3684
Dave Crozier              3596
Marci Norton               3361
Eliz. Cress-Sweet      2922
Talonya Adams          2654
Doug Jones                2227

If nobody receives 50% plus 1 of the total ballots cast, that means the top 8 candidates go on to the General Election.  However, let’s say there are 15,0000 ballots cast and Eddie Cook got 7501 votes, that means he would immediately win a seat.  Then, the next 6 people would go on to the General Election.  That’s because there would only be 3 available seats left, and there can be no more than 2 candidates vying for 1 seat.

Don’t think for a minute this is a done deal.  The General Election is a brand new horse race.  Please stay focused on Eddie Cook, Victor Petersen, and Jordan Ray.  Every single vote is going to count.  We have a golden opportunity to secure a conservative majority on the Council!  These guys will need plenty of help.  If you haven’t gotten involved in a campaign before, trust me, you will enjoy the adventure with the best people on the planet:  Conservatives!