“THE BLUEPRINT: How the Democrats Won Colorado” Attacking Pearce in Arizona!”

Research provided by Silence Dogood.

Jerry Lewis says he doesn’t know who’s behind those expensive Anti-Pearce mailers that support Lewis? (As of November 1, "Campaign Money Watch" has spent $28,940.29 on those attack mailers.)

Does he think he’s getting help from Far Leftist groups because they think, “Jerry Lewis has a nice smile and is a swell guy”? Does it bother him that he’s being helped by moveon.org, the SEIU, and Working Assets which in turn supports organizations like Planned Parenthood, Media Matters, and Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education?

As Linda Turley-Hansen so aptly stated in a recent article, “Don’t kid yourself District 18 voters; there are those who want to force a major shift in Arizona’s political base and away from policies of citizen protection. And, they are using you.” LD18 Citizens Misled in Pearce Recall

The money for those mailers came directly from a political action committee called “Campaign Money Watch.”

They are supported and funded by “Public Campaign Action Fund.”

Donors who have contributed “at least $20,000 or more since 2008” to the Public Campaign Action Fund include:

Pat Stryker. This multi-millionaire was one of the Gang of Four from THE BLUEPRINT that successfully used ATTACK MAILERS TO UNSEAT REPUBLICAN COLORADO STATE LEGISLATORS. Here’s the link to my review of this book on Gilbert Watch The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado.

Most of the groups you see listed below are the same ones from THE BLUEPRINT, who funded the Democrat Colorado take-over!

Common Cause http://www.commoncause.org/site/pp.asp?c=dkLNK1MQIwG&b=4860183 (This benign sounding lobbying organization lists its address at 1133 19th Street, NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC. 20036, which is the same address as “Campaign Money Watch” and “Public Campaign Action Fund,” by the way.)

Democracy Fund
MoveOn.org Political Action
National Education Association
Service Employees International Union
Tides Voter Action Fund

Working Assets http://www.workingassets.com/Recipients.aspx
They support organizations like: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education, National Immigration Forum, Planned Parenthood, Center for Justice and Accountability, Human Rights Watch, Partners in Health, Democracy Now!, Interfaith Worker Justice, Color of Change, Media Matters, Project Vote, Sierra Club etc.

Another organization: Proteus Fund claims "Our tailored grant making initiatives are responsive, have high impact and integrate support for lobbying activity when it will support a winning strategy."

So, how did they destroy their Republican targets in Colorado? Exactly the way they are trying to destroy Senator Russell Pearce:

“They relentlessly searched documents, speeches, and newspaper articles for anything they could use to jack-hammer away at the Republicans’ negatives, demonizing them in television ads and mailers. They were not above outright lies. The destruction of Republican Ray Martinez, in his bid for Colorado State Senate, is a prime example.“ THE BLUEPRINT.