Will the TEA Parties soon be Irrelevant In Arizona?

John McCain smashed “TEA Party” favorite JD Hayworth.
The 1-cent Arizona sales tax passed with flying colors.
Phoenix passed a food tax.

Right here in Arizona.

If the TEA Parties are incapable of getting Russell Pearce re-elected in a landslide in LD-18. And if the TEA Parties are incapable of getting Jennifer Wright, a “TEA Party favorite” elected as the next Phoenix Mayor, they are indeed irrelevant.

I hope after these past 2 plus years, the majority of TEA Party members are Precinct Committeemen. If not, why not? It is literally the only way to restore the Republican Party to its stated Conservative principles.

Are you going to take polls, and go to meetings and events forever?

RUSSELL PEARCE, known nationally and internationally as the architect of SB1070, has battled long and hard for the rule of law. He should win re-election in a landslide!


If he loses this race, it should be the biggest TEA Party embarrassment of all time.

JENNIFER WRIGHT has been campaigning hard on conservative principles.

“She is probably the only fiscal conservative in a crowded race of seven candidates which also includes union members,” according to Sonoran News. http://www.sonorannews.com/archives/2011/110810/frontpage-wright.html

Every Greater Phoenix TEA Party member should be focused like a laser on getting her elected! Also Janet Contreras for Phoenix City Council!

If you don’t like what your representatives are doing, you need to elect somebody you like! This is about winning elections!

Walk your neighborhoods. Distribute flyers, make phone calls. Don’t waste your time “educating” liberals or “convincing” moderate Republicans. You will have your hands full getting your own fellow Conservatives away from their computers and into the voting booth! Call them all the way through election day! (I know some of you have been doing this, so please don’t send me an email.)

Are the Arizona TEA parties a politically ACTIVE group, or just a social club?