Eddie Cook, Candidate for Gilbert Town Council, Announces Key Campaign Leadership

Eddie Cook, candidate for the Gilbert Town Council, has officially announced key leadership. Tyler Hudgins will be his Campaign Manager and Jared Taylor will be his Campaign Chairman in the upcoming election.

“I know of no man who is as honorable and dedicated as Eddie Cook,” stated Tyler. “Eddie carries forward the constructive building blocks and service mentality to be a solid representative of the people. Gilbert needs a leader like Eddie Cook.” He went on to say, “I am humbled at his willingness and faith in me to push him over the finish line–I won’t let him down.”

Jared had this to say, “Diane and I are thrilled to support Eddie Cook in the 2011 Gilbert Town Council Race. Eddie will bring a refreshing set of business skills and abilities to the Council. He has experience with the Town operations, served in many community initiatives, and believes in Constitutional principles. Eddie and his wife love their children and their faith.“

“Now, more than ever, we need someone like Eddie to help balance the budget, put public safety first, and strengthen our Town for the future. I hope you’ll join us in voting for Eddie Cook on 8 March 2011.”

Eddie has fully immersed himself into our great Town. He was appointed to serve as a board member on the Town of Gilbert Water Resources MPC. As a private citizen, he attended many of the Citizens Budget Committee meetings. He has served on the Town of Gilbert Stakeholder’s committees for the Unified Business License and Capital Improvement Projects, and graduated from the Gilbert Citizen’s Police Academy.

Eddie performed so well as Secretary of the LD-22 Republican Party, that no one challenged him in the re-election. This is a great compliment to his work ethic.

For more information on his campaign or how you can help, please visit: www.VoteEddieCook.com.

To reach Tyler Hudgins, you can email him at tahudgins@gmail.com or call at (480) 980-1471.