My Reasons to Vote for Jeff Smith for LD22 Chair

by Jared Taylor

Tomorrow, January 27, the Precinct Committeemen (PC) in Legislative District (LD) 22 will have yet another chance to vote for District Chairman. There are a number of good reasons to support Jeff Smith for LD 22 Chair. Below are just a few.

1. Constitutionalist – Jeff has studied the US Constitution and values its principles of good government and the role of political parties. He will continue to strengthen the District’s and Party’s appreciation and understanding of the Supreme Law of the Land.

2. Respect – Jeff fairly listens to all sides. Sure he has a point of view, but he will listen and not disparage.

3. Unity – Jeff values bringing people of different Conservative opinions together, not carving out or holding grudges against those who may be considered his opponents. He understands that there is much more that unites us than divides us, and believes there is a place for all sincere conservatives in our party and in the district.

4. Leadership – His standard of leadership is one of diligence, intelligence, earnestness, and inclusion. He’s not a shameless divider, but a hard worker for Constitutional values and principles.

5. New Ideas – Not new to the District, Jeff will bring new ideas to the District Leadership to bring growth and strength. He’s just as new to this role as anyone else on the newly-elected Board or the previous chair was before him.

Is Smith perfect? Of course not. Nobody is making this claim. But he is the clear choice for those who sincerely value the ideas listed above.

As chair, Jeff will bring an important balance to the District. Please join me in voting for Jeff Smith as Chairman of LD 22.