Eddie Cook Wins Council Seat!

With 11 people vying for 4 open seats, it was a long shot that anyone would get the required percentage (50% +1) of ballots required to take a Council seat without going on to the General Election 5/17/2011.  It was especially difficult for a challenger with no prior Council experience.

However, Eddie Cook has exactly the kind of experience that’s needed right now to help Gilbert.  He has worked for 20 years with Fortune 100 companies, many of which are in Arizona, helping them solve problems and providing them with innovative business solutions.  Eddie also has spent plenty of time gaining an understanding of how the Town of Gilbert functions.  He has served as a board member for the Town’s Water Resources MPC.  He understands the complexity of the Town’s budget, which is why he was so credible in his arguments against the incumbent-inspired Prop 406.

He wants to help his fellow Council members solve the budget problems.  He knows that the key to long-term, sustainable revenue for the Town is through the growth and profitability of Gilbert’s businesses.  So, it is important that existing businesses expand and add employees, and also that new businesses come to Gilbert.

According to the 2010 Census, people and businesses are fleeing high-tax states like Illinois, New York, Iowa, and Vermont, for lower tax states like Arizona.  Gilbert offers some of the lowest, most attractive taxes within the state.  We need to catch this wave of opportunity!  We also need to streamline the Town’s processes for all businesses, whether they are new or existing.

And then, we can feel confident in sending out the word across America that Gilbert truly is “Open for Business”!