Gilbert Schools Tonight: Speak Out Against Deficit Spending!

Please go to this Gilbert Public Schools Board meeting tonight at 6 pm, and speak out against Deficit Spending.  You don’t need to be eloquent.   Reading your brief statement is just fine.

Educational Complex – 140 S Gilbert Rd.

You can expect the union and teachers to be there, wanting more spending.  There were only 2 conservatives to speak out against deficit spending at a prior meeting.  Please attend and support conservative Board members Shane Stapley and Staci Burk in their efforts to reign in spending!

The District is also proposing an increase in class sizes at the high school as well as increased parking and athletic fees.

Plus they want to spend $99,100 on a website developer ($72,400 annually thereafter).  This company Schoolwires is out of state and there are travel costs as well in that figure.

It is really important that conservative citizens show up tonight at 6 pm and express your opinions.

You can find the meeting agenda at