Election 2012 GilbertWatch Recommendations

Arizona Corporation Commission

Bob Burns

Bob Stump

Susan Bitter Smith

Arizona LD12

State Senator Andy Biggs

State Representative Eddie Farnsworth

State Representative Warren Petersen

Arizona LD16

State Senator John Fillmore

State Representative Judy Novalsky

State Representative Kelly Townsend

Arizona LD25

State Senator Russell Pearce

State Representative Justin Pierce (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

State Representative Justin Olson (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots) 

Arizona U.S. District 5

U.S. Senate Wil Cardon

U.S. Representative Matt Salmon

Gilbert Town Council

Mayor John Lewis

Councilmember Jared Taylor

Councilmember Jenn Daniels

Justice of the Peace

Jeff Smith – Gilbert

Cecil Ash – Mesa (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

Maricopa County Assessor

Keith Russell (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

Maricopa County Attorney

Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

District 1 Denny Barney

District 2 Lester Pearce

Maricopa County Sheriff

Joe Arpaio

Precinct Committeemen

Your ballot might include a list of Precinct Committeemen (PC’s) asking for your vote.  If it does, it’s because there are more PC’s in your precinct than are allowed by law.  Please VOTE for the following Conservative PC’s in LD25 and in LD12.  These are contested Precincts, where Moderates are trying to retake their power within the Republican leadership.   


Arboleda Precinct: (You Can Vote for 19; Please vote for the following)

Billie Bollwinkel

C. Webb Crockett

Nan M. Crockett

Amy Ellsworth

Cory Ellsworth

Joanne Fillmore

Lori Hunsaker

Angela Johnson

Jim Le Cheminant

Joanna Naumann

Sigsbee Nelson

Larry Perkins

Linda Phelps

Shelley Sirrine

Brandon Trichel

Lillian Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson

Candlelight Precinct  (Please vote for all 24)

Virginia Archer

Mike Bailey

DeLynn Bodene

Fred Ash

Kevin Cooke

Dean Cooley

Bill Cunningham

Glen Gaddie

Janiece E. Gaddie

Lori Otto

Dayle R. Jones

Glenda Jones

Bryan Berkland

Richard Martinez

Janyce Miller

Lester Pearce

Logan Pearce

Richard Pearce

Russell Pearce

Janine Pew

Bruce Ross

Kenneth Smith

Courtney Snell

DeEtte Snell

Clover Precinct (you can vote for 4)

Myers, Wess

Palmer, Jeanne

Palmer, Luke

Steiner, Maxine

Duke Precinct (you can vote for 8)

Fletcher, Dean

Ford, Benjamin

Hineman, Sheryl

Iurato, Gloria

Lundell, Dinah

Lundell, Marlo

Wagner, Dianne

Glenview Precinct: (You can vote 19.  Please vote for the following.)

Sarah Conover

Wilson Conover

Joan Galbasini

Matthew Hyde

Melisa Hyde

Liz Kiener

David Oldroyd

Patricia Oldroyd

Gary Pierce

Sherry Pierce

Charles Powell

Matt Salmon

Nancy Salmon

Douglas Topham

Geoff Turley

Barbara Wanlass

Harmony Park Precinct (you can vote for 17)

Bailey, Nancy

Bailey, Paul

Haws, Allen

Haws, Beth

Marchant, David

Rowse, Myron

Rowse, Sarah

Hohokam Park Precinct ( you can vote for 8)

Bevell, Linda

Burns, Annikka

Ellsworth, Susan

Farabee, Roland

Freeman, Helen

Goss, Annabeth

Martin, Mary

Solomon, Janelle

Los Alamos (Vote for the following 12)

Jonathan Allen

M. Randy Jarvis

Jason Jarvis                                        

Lucille Jarvis

Dennis Lloyd

Marilyn Olson

Jeff Palmer 

Kathy Pearce

Rustin Pearce 

Paul Petersen

Raquel Petersen

Keith Russell

Mesa Vista Precinct (you can vote for 12.  They are in the order listed on the ballot)

Farnsworth, Kemp M.

Brock, Jan

Dufoe, Gene E.

Reid, Mike

Baumgardner, Jennie Musgrave

Reid, Sandi

Baumgardner, James R.

Pew, Billie Jean

Ray, Danny

Langston, Tracy A.

Lester, Miles

Rogers, Heather M.

Porter Precinct (you can vote for 10.  We recommend not voting for any more than the following 8.)

Carling, Todd

Egnew, Jessica

Egnew, Paul

Everhart, Richard

Haws, Edna

Haws, Henry

Millsaps, Dean

Price, Rebecca

Sun Trails: (You can vote for 19.  Please vote for the following.)

Rohndia Bretz                        

Russell Bretz

Josh Burrell                                        

Jeffery Cooley

Julia Lee                                             

Michael Lee

Dan Rich                                            

Tamra Burrell Pearce

Rita Rich                                            

Ronald Taylor

Jed Whetten                                       

Rohnda Whetten

Westwood Precinct  (You can vote for 11)

Blewster, Barbara

Blewster, Bill

Crandell, Albert Keith

Crandell, Carolyn

Oliphant, Michele

Osborn, John

Pederson, Lynor

Randall, Greg

Katharine Randall

Updike, Galen


Please note: 

The Precinct Captains from the Crossroads, Megan, and Poinciana Precincts are asking you to please vote for the following people. These people have been working hard and have been very involved in preparing for the upcoming election in November. Some are current PC’s, others are returning, and some are brand new. The new people have been attending meetings and learning all aspects of getting out the vote.  They have been learning how to use our Data system; they have been registering people to vote, signing people up to receive an early ballot, learning how to be a poll worker, learning the talking points for the elections, and organizing with other PC’s to get people to vote.

The next 3 1/2 months are going to be EXTREMELY busy for our Precinct Committeemen.  It is important that you vote for those who are willing and prepared to work.

In some Precincts, you will be able to VOTE for more than are listed here. Choose only those people who you believe will have the most time to help with the November election.

Crossroads Precinct (Vote for these 5 plus 10 more who you know will work hard in the November Election)

Dory Harrington

Angeleen Stapley

Elise Stapley

Shane Stapley

Barbara Yates

Megan Precinct (Vote for these 14, plus 5 more who you know will work hard in the November Election)

Lynda Williamson

Janet Farnsworth

Robin Obannon

Mickie Niland

Debbie Finelli

Stuart Maclay

Jeff Niland

Vicki Maclay

Karen Pierce

Eddie Farnsworth

Susan Kastanis

Erin Scroggins

Debbie Nelson

Brent Nelson

Poinciana Precinct (Vote for these 10, plus 2 more who you know will work hard in the November Election )

Sarah Crawford

Andy Biggs

Cindy Biggs

Cosette Biggs

Cynthia Peters

James Candland

Shellee Day

Dennis Day

Eric Johnson

Holly Harrington