Randy Hatch, Chairman of AZ Red Mountain TEA Party, Speaks out!

Fellow Patriots,

Sarah Palin has lost my trust in 2010 by supporting RINO, John McCain.  Now word comes that she is again taking orders from her political boss and endorsing other moderate candidates she has probably never met, Jeff Flake and Kirk Adams.  It is very unfortunate that we live in a political system that values endorsements from popular people more than the actual records of those running for office.  We must be on the look out for these highly paid drive by endorsements by people like Sarah Palin who disappointed the Tea Party many times over since she fully endorsed the candidacy of John McCain, the biggest RINO of them all.  Many people gave her a pass for that two years ago when she campaigned for John McCain because he had put her on the National map and helped her to make millions in speaking fees.  

She has become a multi-millionaire by traveling the country charging up to $200,000 an appearance to tell us NOT TO VOTE FOR RINOS AND NOT TO SUPPORT THE ESTABLISHMENT.  These words don’t match her actions and it is high time that true conservatives call her on it.  She has repeatedly supported and endorsed many very liberal republicans such as 36 year career politician, Orrin Hatch in Utah.  She helped to get him re-elected and this is just one of many other RINOS she is helping.  Anytime John McCain calls, she jumps.  We all know that John McCain is the biggest RINO of them all.

Her actions of preaching one thing and then doing another is hypocritical at best.  Has "Going Rogue" become "Going Political?"  It is my believe that Sarah Palin wants to become a Senator so bad that she will do just about anything McCain wants so she can take his seat in 4 years. 

Endorsements are highly overrated.  A few close endorsements from friends are okay but some of these campaigns seem to be in competition for the most endorsements and not for the most votes.  I much prefer to get to know candidates personally by talking to them in person.  I don’t believe in casting a vote that relies on sham endorsements.  Americans should be willing to do the work needed to look up a politician’s record and by attending meetings where the candidate is speaking and answering questions.

I know Matt Salmon and I know Kirk Adams and I know their political records.  My vote is not personal, but I am voting for Matt Salmon because he is in my opinion, more conservative and will try harder to be guided by the constitution.  The same is true about Wil Cardon vs. Jeff Flake.  I know both of them well and I believe that Wil Cardon is more conservative.  It is that simple.

It is time for Sarah Palin to cut those Apron Strings with John McCain and bring her actions more in line with her words and it is time for the voters to do the work necessary to get to know each candidate without relying on a third party endorsement.

Randy Hatch
Chairman, Arizona Red Mountain TEA Party

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