Election 2012 – RESULTS

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Regarding the results of Election 2012 GilbertWatch Recommendations, the good news is that the Arizona State House of Representatives moved to the Right.  The bad news is that the Arizona State Senate moved to the Left, thanks to winners Bob Worsley and Rich Crandall.

The Bob Worsley/Jerry Lewis Team refuses to look at how this happened.  We can add the Steve Chucri supporters to that list.  It happened because of the very focused, brilliantly executed efforts of Alinsky trained Leftist RANDY PARRAZ.  He knows how to target Conservatives and take them out.  Now that Parraz has taken down Senator Russell Pearce, and Lester Pearce, along with him, we should all pay attention to Target #2:  Joe Arpaio. 

Here is the Lesson that must be learned by Arizona Republicans, or Parraz & Company will take down the entire state of Arizona:

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

So far, moderate Republicans are following the philosphy:  "If I ignore my enemies, they can’t hurt me."  In fact, Worsley can’t even identify them.  He is a guppy going into a tank of political sharks.

As usual, the GOP is the Stupid Party. No? Then why did the GOP leadership choose Florida as its Convention site in the middle of hurricane season? Going after those "swing voters" loses its shine next to the Stupid label, not to mention the Leftist comparisons between Bush’s Katrina and the GOP’s Isaac.

The GOP and Bob Worsley share similar philosophies "If I ignore the weather prediction, it can’t hurt me."

If you want to be more than a Conservative in name only, you must understand the reality that Leftists have infiltrated our own Republican Party.  You must be Pincipled and not after Power, Position, or Money.  You must understand Conservative Principles and be solidly grounded in them.  You must be able to defend and argue them against Leftist talking points (Leftists have Talking Points, not Principles).

Andy Biggs, Eddie Farnsworth, and Russell Pearce are the Conservative Masters. Steve "Rod up his Back" Smith is quickly moving into this category. Hopes are strong for Warren Petersen and Kelly Townsend. 

On the other hand, Worsley will be dancing to the Leftists’ tune and won’t even know it…and probably won’t care.  Steve Chucri is interested in cheap, illegal labor

Rich "RINO" Crandall got in because of the MASSIVE financial support of the Republican Victory Fund.   

The winners in the races that GilbertWatch followed are in bold.  Some of the following races had no opposition. 

Arizona Corporation Commission

Bob Burns

Bob Stump

Susan Bitter Smith

Arizona LD12

State Senator Andy Biggs

State Representative Eddie Farnsworth

State Representative Warren Petersen

Arizona LD16

State Senator John Fillmore

State Representative Judy Novalsky

State Representative Kelly Townsend

State Representative Doug Coleman

Arizona LD25

State Senator Russell Pearce

State Senator Bob Worsley

State Representative Justin Pierce (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

State Representative Justin Olson (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

Arizona U.S. District 5

U.S. Senate Wil Cardon

U.S. Senate Jeff Flake

U.S. Representative Matt Salmon

Gilbert Town Council

Mayor John Lewis

Councilmember Jared Taylor

Councilmember Jenn Daniels

Justice of the Peace

Jeff Smith – Gilbert

Steve Urie – Gilbert

Cecil Ash – Mesa (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

Maricopa County Assessor

Keith Russell (Recommended by Randy Hatch, leader of Arizona Red Mountain Patriots)

Maricopa County Attorney

Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

District 1 Denny Barney

District 2 Steve Chucri

District 2 Lester Pearce

Maricopa County Sheriff

Joe Arpaio