Representative Frank Pratt: How do You Sleep at Night?

For those who don’t know, my husband and I own a swimming pool service and repair business. Back in November 2011, one our suppliers told us that due to a new law taking effect 1/1/2012, we would be FORCED to sell our customers very expensive variable speed motors when their affordable single speed motors break down. I have been fighting this ever since. Senator Andy Biggs has been working behind the scenes fighting to repeal it. So has Senator Ron Gould and some others.

Not only is this an issue of increasing regulation that strangles personal liberties and freedom, it’s also an issue of the abuse of power in the legislature when you yourself have a financial interest.

Here are my two emails to Representative Frank Pratt:


Dear Representative Pratt:

I sent you the following email back in February. Since then, I have learned that you are blocking the repeal of this law which forces consumers to purchase extremely expensive variable speed swimming pool motors when their single speed motor breaks down. This law also requires folks building new pools to pay for these expensive motors. They have no choice. In most other “energy saving purchases,” we are given the option to pay more upfront for possible energy savings in the long term, or to go with a cheaper unit.

Recently, one of my customers was forced, because of this bad law, to replace a pool motor at a cost of $1500, which would normally cost him $400. I wondered, why wouldn’t you support that choice? Why would you stand so firmly against the Biggs Amendment? Are you that devoted to energy savings and the environment?

I asked a good friend, a researcher, that question, and she advised: “Follow the money.” So, I did. You, as an Arizona legislator, stand to gain financially on the backs of your fellow Arizonans.

I discovered that, by forcing Arizonans to purchase more expensive motors, your pool construction company rakes in more profit. I don’t know what your mark-up is, but if it’s 40%, the old motors would earn you $160 each. The new motors earn you $600 each!

So, through your legislative “power,” you force your fellow Arizonans to purchase expensive equipment they don’t want, during the longest recession since the Depression, and you smile all the way to the bank!

How do you sleep at night?

Anita Christy


Dear Chairman Pratt, Vice Chairman McGee, and Members,

My husband and I own a small swimming pool service and repair business in Gilbert. We learned from one of our suppliers in late 2011 of new legislation that was to take effect 1/1/2012 concerning the requirement that any pool motors, whether new or replacements, must conform to new “energy” standards.

This is Title 44, Chapter 9, Article 19, Sect. 44-1375, .01,.02,.03.,.04.

Here is the effect of that law. Prior to 1/1/2012, a regular motor would cost our residential customer about $300-$350. Sometimes we could save our customers money by having a “rebuilder” fix the motor. With the new law, those rebuilders will have to find a new line of work.

Now, these new temperamental little monsters–the energy efficient variable speed motors–will cost between $800 – $1350. For what? Nonexistent brown-outs in Arizona?

This will be a direct cost to every homeowner in Arizona who owns a swimming pool. This is not an energy device that is optional. The rebates from SRP will be of little comfort.

The weather is cool, so the uproar is just beginning. It will be breaking sound barriers in a few more weeks, because warm weather starts putting a strain on everybody’s motors.

We urge you to vote YES to Repeal these new standards.

Thank you.
Thomas and Anita L Christy
Gilbert, AZ