Everyone Wins in Mayor ”Bag Off” Competition!

Eric Smith, Albertsons Store Director (center) declares both Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny (left) and Mayor John Lewis (right) winners in the Bag Off competition. Photo courtesy of the City of Chandler

Here’s your opportunity to help restock the shelves of local area food banks and engage in friendly competition between the Gilbert and Chandler communities. If Gilbert collects more food than Chandler, then Chandler City Council must wear Gilbert promotional T-Shirts. Ha! It will be a “win-win” for both communities. Please read the following article for details.

Everyone Wins in Mayor “Bag Off” Competition

Gilbert, AZ— The Mayoral Bag Off competition ended in a tie this morning with both Gilbert and Chandler adding 400 pounds of food each to their friendly food drive competition. Gilbert Mayor John Lewis and Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny rolled up their sleeves and bagged up food for the hungry as the communities enter the final week of a Month of May Food Drive competition. Each packed five bags of wholesome food.

Albertsons donated the 800 pounds of food used in the Bag Off from their location at Lindsay and Warner roads in Gilbert – food ranging from cereal to canned vegetables, stew and pasta. The five Albertsons stores in Chandler and Gilbert will also earmark all their May “$1, $3 and $5” cash register donations to the food drive, allowing residents to donate at any store as they check out.

The official Food Drive competition between the communities runs through May 31, and the winning community provides T-shirts for the losing community’s City Council to wear at an upcoming Council meeting.

THE WEIGH-IN: The food drive benefits the Mesa United Food Bank, Chandler Christian Center and Matthews Crossing. The final weigh in is scheduled for 3:30 Wednesday, June 1 at the Mesa United Food Bank, 245 S. Nina Dr., Mesa.

There are several places to donate and support the effort in Gilbert – and still a chance to host your own drive and drop off the donations at any of these locations:

Gilbert drop-off locations

Gilbert employees and residents can donate at Town Hall buildings or at any local fire station. Look for the Food Drive boxes.

Kinderbugs Preschool, Pecos and Recker, 4365 E. Pecos Rd. Ste. 143, Gilbert, AZ. 85295, 8am-4pm

Boys & Girls Club, 44 N Oak Street, Gilbert

Gilbert Yoga, 6 E. Palo Verde, Suite 13, Gilbert, (480) 2250-1881 (hours vary, call in advance)

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, 119 North Gilbert Road, Ste 101

Gilbert Small Business Alliance, 2530 S Val Vista Dr, Ste. 103

Gilbert Libraries:
Southeast Regional Library, 775 N Greenfield Rd
Perry Library, 1965 E. Queen Creek Rd.

Town Hall, 50 E. Civic Center D – 8 am – 5 pm Monday-Friday
Community Services and Business Development, 90 E. Civic Center Drive – 8 am – 5 pm Monday-Friday
Gilbert Police Headquarters, 75 E. Civic Center Drive – 24 hours
Public Works Administration, 900 E. Juniper Avenue

Gilbert Recreation Centers:
Freestone Recreation Center (480) 503-6202 – 5:15am-10pm Monday-Friday; 7am-9pm Saturday; 10am-5pm Sunday
Gilbert Community Center (480) 503-6290 – 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday; 8am-6pm Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday and Sunday
McQueen Park Activity Center (480) 503-6294 – 8am-9pm Monday-Friday; 9:30am-5pm Saturday; Closed Sundays (call facility for Sunday seasonal hours)

Gilbert fire station drop-off locations include:
Fire Station 1: 2730 E. Williams Field Road
Fire Station 2: 2855 E. Guadalupe Road
Fire Station 3: 1011 E. Guadalupe Road
Fire Station 4: 909 E. Ray Road
Fire Station 5: 3630 E. Germann Road
Fire Station 6: 3595 E. Warner Road
Fire Station 7: 215 N. Cooper Road
Fire Station 8: 1095 E. Germann Road
Fire Station 11: 2860 E. Riggs Road

Gilbert: www.gilbertaz.gov/fooddrivechallenge

Chandler: www.chandleraz.gov/fooddrive