Food On Foot

Thank you to Mickie Niland for submitting Food On Foot to GilbertWatch.

Back in 1996, Jay Goldringer stood on the steps of the Hollywood Post Office, handing out food to the homeless from the trunk of his car. Gradually, in the Jewish tradition that “there is no higher form of charity than empowering people to stand on their own two feet,” Goldringer started his “Work-For-Food” 7 day a week trash clean up program.

Homeless who wish to be a part of his program begin by sweeping the streets. A completed week brings cards redeemable for food. More work brings greater rewards, and those truly looking for a way out will find it. Workers are held accountable and backsliding isn’t rewarded.

Jay Goldringer has refused any and all government funding.

Gradually, with an 89% success rate, many people have transitioned from the streets into the general population.

Here is the article: “Could L.A’s Jay Goldringer Hold the Key to Defeating Homelessness?” 

Here is the website for Food On Foot: