GCRC Chairman Morris’s Report on the Trump Rally and the KMOG Forum Radio Show

Gary Morris, Chairman of the Gila County Republican Committee, provided the following "Report on the Trump Rally and the KMOG Forum Radio Show."

I attended President Trump’s Rally in Phoenix last evening (August 22, 2017), and here’s a brief report. First, the “fake media” last night and this morning were describing the event as “lightly attended”. When I arrived at the convention center at 4 PM center there was a line going two blocks up the street, around the corner and up the street to the next corner, and then turning back two blocks on the next street towards the convention center entrance. The line was three to four persons wide. And I’m sure that line lengthened as more people arrived over the next three hours or so.

By chance, once I arrived in the hall holding the event, I was selected to be on stage directly behind the President (that was sweet). I was assigned to row 6 in the middle. The TV cameras went up to row 4 so I was off screen except for when the camera went wide. As you will note from the photo,  the crowd was wall to wall. As people were leaving last night, I paced the floor for dimensions. That hall was about 100 yards by 100 yards!  If you remove the vacant space around the podium and off the sides and allow four square feet per person, that comes to nearly 20,000 people!

I believe President Trump gave his best ever speech since announcing he was running for the Presidency. The speech as you know went nearly an hour and a half, and I’ll tell you nobody was getting tired. The greatest volcanic eruption of cheers and chants of the night was when the president asked the crowd what they thought of Sheriff Arapio. It was thunderous!

GILBERT WATCH NOTE:  Please see LIVE STREAM: PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP HOLDS RALLY IN PHOENIX, AZ 8/22/17, produced by RSBN.TV which begins with Steve Lookner interviewing Trump supporters outside as the lines begin to form.  President Trump’s speech begins at 5:24:30, after 4 minutes of thunderous applause.  

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