The Aftermath of Charlottesville: What’s Next for Donald Trump?

(The following article was sent to Gilbert Watch and Gila Watch anonymously.  It’s a timely, accurate, and thoughtful essay that needs to be read by every American.)

Having failed thus far in their attempt to get us into World War III with Russia over the phony “collusion” charges – hoping to destroy Donald Trump even if it means risking our national survival – the Radical Left and their cohorts in the Democratic Party and the Fake News Media are now moving on to a new, more promising tactic, one with a proven track record of success. It’s called “playing the race card.”

It’s not that they’ve given up on Russia, upon which they had placed such high hopes. It’s just taking longer than anticipated. Unfortunately, they encountered a bit of a problem along the way. It’s called evidence. There isn’t any. The only “collusion” uncovered so far was the DNC rigging the primaries against the hapless Bernie Sanders; and CNN willfully supplying Hillary Clinton with debate questions. But that’s a topic for another day.

The self-hating Left’s newest tactic is fomenting racial strife with the barely-hidden goal of eradicating White, Christian culture. That’s what’s behind the demands to tear down statues to Civil War heroes for the perceived sin of “defending slavery.” With such a superficial, dumbed-down view of the Civil War, one hardly knows what to say. The Left is casting judgment on southern culture from the arrogant perspective of 20-20 hindsight afforded by the passage of 160 years. That’s called “lazy thinking,” and it’s a lot easier than judging a culture from within the historical context in which it existed. What culture could ever withstand such scrutiny? Slavery has existed among all races on all continents since the beginning of time. In many places in the Muslim world, it still exists. White Christian culture was the first to expose its moral shortcomings and the first to make the moral case for its eventual elimination.

"The vandalism by those who would plant themselves on moral pedestals is highly selective. There have been no protests about a statue of Lenin on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, or one on Norfolk Street in Seattle, or one on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, notwithstanding the more than 60 million humans whose deaths he engineered, and the pall of misery with which he blanketed much of the world. As for race, there are untouched statues of Margaret Sanger whose eugenic symbiosis with the National Socialists set in motion the annihilation of millions of African-American babies."   See The Mindless Iconoclasm of Our Age 

If one really wants to play this shallow revisionist game, then let’s openly acknowledge that the Democrats were the party of slavery; and that the Klu Klux Klan was the militant arm of the southern Democratic Party. The segregationist Senators of the early 20th century were all Democrats, including Bill Clinton’s mentor William Fulbright, and Al Gore’s father, Albert Gore, Sr.  FDR put a Klansman on the Supreme Court. The 1964 Civil Rights Act had a higher percentage of Republican support than Democratic support. Remember Robert Bird? He’s the former Klansman who became the Democratic Senate Majority Leader and was a Hillary Clinton mentor.

The Left is hoping their pernicious brand of “identity politics,” will eventually ignite a race war. In one fell swoop, this American Taliban could take out Donald Trump and destroy White Christian culture. For good measure it would also eliminate all those pervasive conservatives. Make no mistake, these people are totalitarians. That’s the unspoken “take-away” from Charlottesville: It’s the first skirmish in what Pat Buchanan calls the Second American Civil War. This time the goal is the elimination of the hated American culture, personified in the image of Donald Trump, once and for all. In so doing, these self-hating totalitarians would finally achieve the cherished goal of transforming the culture into a fantasized utopia where unopposed Progressivism would flourish. As in all totalitarian societies, anyone who stands in the way is to be eliminated. In the Left’s insatiable lust for power, any means are justified, no matter how egregious or immoral, if the end result is the elimination of Donald Trump and the deplorable American culture.

Let’s recall the political adage attributed to Michael Kinsley a few years ago: “In politics, a ‘gaffe’ is when a politician actually tells the truth.” There’s no better example of this than Donald Trump’s response to the tragedy at Charlottesville. Trump had the audacity to violate the norms of “political correctness,” while simultaneously challenging the media’s carefully crafted narrative of the event. After rightfully condemning the violence, Trump boldly asserted that there are extremists on both sides of the political spectrum, and all are deserving of scorn. That seems reasonable enough. Of course the Radical Left is just as bad as white supremacists. Trump made the presidential statement we waited in vain to hear from Barack Obama during all the Black Lives Matters disruptions and riots.

The Left’s cohorts in the Fake News Media wasted no time in universally castigating Trump’s remarks as “racist,” and  “indefensible,” while relentlessly screaming “Only one side is to blame.” Knowing that nothing he could say would ever appease these people, Trump chose to tell the truth. White supremacists and other hate groups are odious, deplorable, and potentially dangerous. They have been shunned from society, completely ridden out of the Republican Party, and have been universally condemned by conservatives of all stripes for decades. Fortunately, they are relatively few in number with no political power or influence, so the damage they can inflict is minimal. In a free society, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them, which is what most normal people do.

Not so on the other side. The Left won’t disassociate itself from its radical elements, which hardly consists of a “fringe.” Their numbers are huge, with vast amounts of political muscle and influence within the Democratic Party. They are entrenched within the Soros-financed Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street movements; militant feminism; radical unions and their goons; tenured academia; the pervasive Hollywood culture; and Democratic city machines. In addition, less conspicuous branches can be found entrenched throughout the Deep State. This list only scratches the surface of where their destructive tentacles reach. They have been known to resort to violence and intimidation on a regular basis.

Lest anyone forget, we saw this violence just a few weeks ago in the shooting of Republican congressmen by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Previously, there was the shooting deaths of the police officers in Dallas, with violence fomented by Black Lives Matters leaders shouting: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” These atrocities hardly elicited a response from the Democratic leadership or the media, with excuses to condone the actions readily at hand.

Then there’s the recent campus violence at Berkeley and other universities, where conservatives are routinely shouted down and forcefully prevented from speaking, amid widespread destruction and violence. Timid university administrators actively condone this suppression of campus free speech. There were the Occupy Wall Street disruptions of a few years ago, and the disruptions of the Trump inauguration. Do the names Ferguson, Baltimore, and Seattle evoke memories? Just recently we heard a Missouri state senator calling for Donald Trump’s assassination. Think of the repercussions if a Republican had said something similar about Barack Obama. And these are just recent examples of the Radical Left resorting to violence.  

This latest tactic is very effective as establishment Republicans are easy prey. The Left is well aware that all it has to do is play the “race card,” and spineless Republicans wilt like Superman before kryptonite. This is no surprise, as the Republicans are fully aware the media controls their “political image.” Supporting Trump is risking media wrath and being branded with the hated “R” word. To an establishment Republican, that’s the political kiss of death and gives the media tremendous leverage over them. And so they willfully let Trump “hang out to dry,” abandoned by his own party, as he courageously stands up to the media and bears the resultant abuse alone. 

What’s next for Donald Trump? Impeachment? It seems likely, as the Left is aware Donald Trump came to Washington without a wide base of support within his own party, so they just have to wear out whatever support remains among establishment Republicans. Throwing out the “race card” is the perfect way to achieve that goal. It’s becoming ever more apparent that Charlottesville was a staged event with that purpose in mind.

So my advice to Donald Trump is to hang tough, stay the course, battle back with loud and clear rhetoric, while warning of the threats emanating from the Radical Left. Let the chips fall where they may. Trump has the advantage of having the truth on his side. If it comes to impeachment, let him use the center stage to forcefully take his case to the American people, articulating that the “swamp” he vowed to drain is much deeper and wider than he ever anticipated, and includes large numbers of his own party. Perhaps somehow some good would come from this, as he may finally awaken Americans to the perils before them. It may already be too late, but least he’d go down fighting, with his head held high, and with the continued admiration of the millions of Americans for whom he was fighting.

Let the weak-kneed Republicans vote for impeachment on false, trumped-up charges like “Russian collusion” or “racism.” Then let’s see how many of these traitors ever win another election after abandoning the one brave leader who was willing to risk everything he had to take on the Fake News Media and the political establishment of both parties. If the Left, along with cowardly Republicans, succeed in destroying Donald Trump’s presidency, he would at least have the satisfaction of knowing he did everything in his power to alter the precipitous downward course the country is currently on.

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