Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Orders Review of Common Core

As parents, school teachers, and many elected officials are getting wiser to Common Core, some governors are taking a step back.  Most recently, Governor Nathan Deal.   See Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Orders Review of Common Core.  

"Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered a sweeping review of the Common Core national guidelines and asked the State Board of Education to formally un-adopt a part of the program that includes sample English test selections that infuriated some parents." 

You may recall that Governor Pence of Indiana also announced withdrawing from Common Core.  See Indiana Set to Withdraw from Common Core National Assessments.  

The U.S. House of Representatives voted against it when they voted for HR5 the Student Success Act.    

Don’t count on Governor Brewer to join that list any time soon.  She’s a real Common core cheerleader.  In fact, both Governor Brewer and Arizona Superintendent of Schools John Huppenthal are beginning to remind some of us of the delusional Baghdad Bob, who proclaimed that the Americans were "trapped" and nowhere near Baghdad, even as they were taking the city.