Get HB2003 to the Ballot: Stop Schools from Doubling your Property Taxes!

While you were working to put food on the table and raise a family, some so-called "Republican" legislators joined Democrats to pass HB2003.  Sponsored by Rep. Heather Carter (LD15), the bill was passed on the last day of the "special session."  See Treason on Arizona Capitol Hill.  

What HB2003 does is gives each School District’s School Board a blank check to assess private property taxes.  It allows school boards to double the assessments for class B bonds.  It allows them to increase your tax burden by 100%.  The measure affects all taxable property, including individual homes, multi-unit/apartment buildings, and commercial property.  

This money will NOT go to the classrooms.  Rather, it will be used to develop the PARCC student testing.  It will primarily fund Common Core.  Do a search on Gilbert Watch for Common Core, and you will see what the controversy is all about.  

Wes Harris is heading the drive to place HB2003 on the Ballot in November 2014.  Please go to Arizonans Against Common Core and download the petition.  Be sure to adjust your printer to print it out on 8.5 X 14 paper, both sides.  We only have until 9/11/2013, to get over 100K signatures.  We need everyone who is getting signatures for HB 2010 to also get signatures for this petition. 

We are late, because we were blindsided by the passage of this bill on the last day of the unholy session last month so we have to play catch up big time!

Hard copies can be obtained by sending an email directly to Wes Harris at

Please go to Arizonans Against Common Core for instructions.  Please follow the instructions VERY CAREFULLY!