Gilbert Bans Bible Studies in Homes!

The Town of Gilbert has the resources to send warning letters to private citizens forbidding Bible studies in homes, but no money for police and fire?

Stop and think: Did the Gilbert Town Council consider the effects on citizens’ rights of the “warning,” mentioned in the linked article? Does it take the Alliance Defense Fund to overturn this “ruling” against FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? Were taxpayer funds used to pay the Town Attorney to defend the Town’s incompetent judgment?

This is not the first time this Town Council has denied its own citizens their Freedom of Speech rights! They did it on 02/09/2010, but were forced to reverse their position when the Goldwater Institute sent them a letter!

Once again, your tax dollars at work, fighting against your First Amendment Rights!

See for yourself: Airzona Town.  No Church Meetings.  Period.

And, a downloadable copy of the ADF 10-page Appeal.