Gilbert Ground Zero Anti-Tax Rally a Huge Success!

Many Gilbert families, concerned about the misleading propaganda being spread by the union-backed pro-tax organization, gathered together for a hand-made sign making Special Event on Saturday, 3/13/10. The citizens who participated were united in the Conservative ideals of small government, low taxes, and personal responsibility. JD Hayworth spoke eloquently, as did many Gilbert residents who are also concerned with the tax and spend direction that four Gilbert Town Council members are taking us.

This wasn’t your ordinary Town of Gilbert special event. This was paid for by individuals who attended and who truly believe that Public Safety should be funded First, not Last.

We joined together not only to rally against Prop 406 (Gilbert sales tax increase) and Prop 100 (Arizona sales tax increase) but also to affirm our commitment to our families, friends, and to our country. We enjoyed wonderful patriotic music supplied by disc jockey, Harry Mathews, and neighborly conversation among friends. We were especially glad that kids had fun making their own signs, and getting their faces painted red, white, and blue.

This is “Community Building.” It’s just the beginning for our Gilbert community of friends and families.

Here are more photos from the event.