Gilbert Town Council: How Do They Vote?

Do you know how your Gilbert Councilmembers vote? While each member of the Town Council are very personable, they have quite different voting records. Do you know who’s voting to raise your taxes and supporting wasteful programs? If not, perhaps this post will help.

This post will create a log of key votes on fiscal and social matters to enable Gilbert voters a quick reference point. It will be updated and re-posted from time to time.

GilbertWatch stands for fiscal and social conservatism. That means limited government that’s focused on protecting equal rights, not providing equal things. It’s these standards against which our Gilbert Councilmembers are rated below.

2021 Key Votes1) Sex Change2) $500 mill Bond3) Tax Increase4) Annual Budget% Conservative
Mayor Brigette Peterson YYYY0%
Vice Mayor Yung KoprowskiYYYY0%
Councilmember Scott AndersonNYYY25%
Councilmember Scott SeptemberNYYY25%
Councilmember Aimee YentesNNNN100%
Councilmember Laurin HendrixNNNN100%
Councilmember Kathy TilqueYYYY0%

Additional Notes for Key Votes

  1. Sex Change – Include sex change surgery in taxpayer subsidized medical coverage for Town employees. Gilbert taxpayers pay approximately 80% of the cost of the plans. A Yes vote would require Gilbert taxpayers to subsidize sex change procedures.
  2. $500 million bond – Referred to a Fall 2021 ballot question a bond for transportation needs, but poorly written to allow many wasteful projects outside of critical transportation needs.
  3. Tax Increase – Increase the amount of taxes for hard-working Gilbert taxpayers. (Secondary property tax)
  4. Annual Budget – FY2022 budget is full of wasteful spending projects and unnecessary headcount. Each year, the financial burden for Town government outpaces the rate of inflation (CPI).