Thank you, Anita

For many years, Anita Christy has published GilbertWatch. I thank Anita for her fearless pursuit of truth, defense of the family, and bold stand for freedom. She is now planning to spend more time with her family. I’m humbled that she has trusted me to continue the mission of GilbertWatch.

For too long, politicians and medial outlets were allowing politicians and bureaucrats to get away with half-truths and misinformation campaigns in Gilbert and in the State of Arizona. GilbertWatch provided a more balanced and honest perspective for those who had ears to hear. Anita’s words never held back from giving us the unvarnished truths about candidates and issues. Her words were not tainted by any sponsorships or false loyalties.

Going forward, the purpose and direction of GilbertWatch will not change. While I’m not nearly as talented a writer as Anita, I’ll do my best to share an honest perspective on the happenings in Gilbert and Arizona. Every now and then we’ll discuss national issues as well.

Gilbert and Arizona owe her many thanks for providing many years of honestly and truth.

All the best, my friend.